Pricing Information

The cost of an enterprise license for each Timely Migration adapter which handles a different type of source control product we support (CVSToTFS, StarTeamToTFS, SubversionToTFS, or TFSToTFS) is $1995. The price includes access to maintenance releases for a year and 10 hours of support. Multiple adapters may also be purchased together at the following discount:

1 Adapter and 10 hours of support$1995
2 Adapters and 10 hours of support$2995
3 Adapters and 10 hours of support$3995
4 Adapters and 10 hours of support$4995

After the first year you will be able to continue to use the releases that were covered under the initial maintenance period. If you'd like to renew the maintenance period to keep accessing new releases, pricing 1 is as follows:

1 Adapter and 10 hours of support$995
2 Adapters and 10 hours of support$1495
3 Adapters and 10 hours of support$1995
4 Adapters and 10 hours of support$2495

Purchasing Information

Typically we accept payment by credit card using PayPal service as our billing/invoicing service. The invoice which PayPal sends out will have a link back to it which you can use to enter in your credit card information. We also support bank transfers and for that we'll send out a PDF invoice with the appropriate bank details.

To request a purchase, please send an e-mail to with the Timely Migration adapters (CVSToTFS, StarTeamToTFS, SubversionToTFS, TFSToTFS) you are interested in and what method you would like to pay with.

If you are a reseller or consultant that is interested in purchasing Timely Migration adapters on behalf of your client, please also provide the company name, user name and e-mail address that the purchase is being made for.

Support Information

Migrations are usually one time events where support often involves working through configuration issues or issues with a client's repository, so support is provided as a consulting service. If more than 10 hours is needed, extended support is also available and can be purchased separately in blocks of time.

Tasks which are covered under or considered support include:

- Configuring folder mappings to identify what content should be migrated
- Configuring settings to identify how the content should be migrated
- Configuring the migration to reshape the content in the destination repository
- Assistance with how to plan your migration
- Handling conflicts caused by duplicate files in the source repository
  (this includes case only file name differences)
- Handling corruption in the source repository
- Handling configuration or connectivity issues with the source or destination repositories
- Localization issues
- Issue prioritization
- Telephone based assistance

Additionally time spent on custom licensing and NDA agreements also goes against support time.

1. Renewal pricing is good for six months after the previous maintenance period has expired.